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Premium Stainless Steel Bathroom Grating

Bathroom Grating from swish global is designed to ensure multiple solutions and functionality for perfect water drainage and maintaining the hygiene of your bathroom. This Floor Grating offers multilayered protection, ensuring a clean and pleasant bathroom environment.

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Constructed with Stainless Steel and Brass material, the Grating is built to withstand daily use and maintain its quality over time. The material used to build this bathroom fixture are selected keeping in mind to provide long-lasting uses and a luxurious feeling.

The anti-odour and anti-insect features confirm your bathroom environment is clean and ensure protection from insects. Its Smart Open & Lock mechanism allows for easy maintenance, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring optimal performance.

Enjoy the benefits of the Swish Global Grating’s Super Large Displacement, effectively handling water drainage and preventing obstructions. With its efficient design, you can experience a worry-free and efficient drainage system, keeping your bathroom clean and dry.

Browse through our extensive collection of bathroom grating collection and upgrade your bathroom to provide a luxurious look and enjoy comfortable tahing. Say goodbye to drainage issues and unwelcome odours or insects, and embrace the convenience of a smart and reliable Grating for your bathroom needs.


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